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"My Wish"   by Amy Anderson


Thank you for stopping by. Paint parties have been around for a while now, longer in the bigger cities and gradually working their way into more rural areas. I have loved the idea since I first heard of getting together with a group of friends, family, co-workers, or even strangers and just relaxing with paint and canvas. It has so many benefits; socially, personally, professionally, educationally.  I hope you will join one of the classes offered through the Mosinee Community Education program or The Merrill Enrichment Center, or schedule your own private party. There are lots of options available.

For Paint Parties- I am ready to go! Call me, email me, send me a text! We can set up a party at a location of your choosing. I do have a few original pieces and will add more as my personal gallery grows, however, you can find tons of painting ideas for your party on Pinterest (Connect to my PINTEREST page with the button below to see some I have pinned that would be perfect for parties). You can also schedule your PAINT PARTY and we can try out new places that will accommodate a party- restaurant, bar, craft store - and I will contact them for you to see if it will work.


Remember, I take care of all of the set-up & clean-up, supplies, table and floor coverings, canvas, paint, brushes, and aprons. At your request, I can also supply mixed media, special effects, or a text/photo on canvas class.


As an independent artist and business owner, I am able to accommodate most requests and make yours a truly unique experience.  Please offer suggestions, ask questions, and get excited to ....

Create A-Way to Embrace Your Own Gift!

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