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A couple of reminders/ things to consider:

  • You may wish to wear clothing that you don't mind a little bit of paint on. Our aprons will help keep you mostly covered, and acrylic does come out of most fabrics if washed right away, but just keep it in mind.

  • For gatherings at your hosted venue, please be sure to have adequate seating and tables for all of your guests. I have canvas drop cloths for covering the floor if carpeted and for tables as needed.

  • Please have guests arrive 15 - 20 minutes early to get comfortable with their snacks and drinks. For kids' parties at the studio, please have the "main" food done ahead of time and plan just for snacks, and a break for cake if you'd like. (Pizza sauce only looks good on very few selections!)

  • Pick out some music that you and your guests will enjoy! The right mix can really set the tone and bring out the creativity.

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